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In Dominico Eloquio: In Lordly Eloquence

Essays on Patristic Exegesis in Honor of Robert Louis Wilken

Cf. J. Patout Burns, From persuasion to predestination, 294-316; D. G. Hunter, Reclaiming Biblical Morality, 317-335; J.T. Lienhard, Augustine: Sermon 51, 336-347.

Editor: Robin Darling Young, David G. Hunter, Paul M. Blowers, Angela Russell Christman
Honoree: Robert Louis Wilken
Publisher: Eerdmans, Grand Rapids (MI), 2002
Total Pages:
XVI, 438
Format: Book
Child Work(s): From Persuasion to Predestination
Augustine, Sermon 51: St. Joseph in Early Christianity
Reclaiming Biblical Morality
Status: Active