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The status of politics in St. Augustine's City of God

In principle, for Augustine the civil state is the chief natural means of justice; hence the rectitude of the state is the pre-eminent natural form of moral goodness in man, though it can be fulfilled only by reference to man's relationship with God. In practice, the goodness of civil society has been much diminished by the Fall, which has necessitated coercion and much institutional pluralism. Although politics are far from being Christianity's main concern, the Christian faith is an essential basis for political justice, as for all justice, while in practice it has for the most part little politically reformative power.

Author: Peter Burnell
Publisher: S.n., s.l., 1992
History of political thought
Format: Article
Topic: - Works > De civitate Dei
- Doctrine > Social Life > [Sociologie. Cité terrestre. Politique] > [Études d'ensemble] > [Politique]
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