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Augustine: Presbyter Factus sum

Editor: Joseph T. Lienhard, Earl C. Muller, Roland J. Teske
Publisher: Augustinian Historical Institute, Villanova, 1993
Peter Lang, New York, 1993
Series: Collectanea Augustiniana
Total Pages:
Format: Book
Topic: - Influence and Survival > [Le Présent (1960-...)] > [Généralités]
Child Work(s): Sin and Punishment: The Early Augustine on Evil
A Ministry Characterized by and Exercised in Humility
Augustine and the Thousand Year Reign of Saints
God in between Affirmation and Negation According to Augustine
Augustine and Aristotle on Causality
The Giant's Twin Substances: Ambrose and the Christology of Augustin's Contra sermonem Arianorum.
Figure and History: A Contemporary Reassessment of Augustine's Hermeneutic
Augustine on Faith and Reason
Augustine's De Trinitate and Anselm's Proslogion: Exercere Lectorem.
A Comment on Some Questions Relating to Confessiones VII: A Reply to O'Connell
Friendship and the State
The Immateriality and Eternity of the Word in St. Augustine's Sermons on the Prologue of John's Gospel
Faith Seeks Understanding: Augustine's Alternative to Natural Theology
Augustine as a Civil Theologian?
Augustine on Person
'The Glue itself is charity'
Augustine of Hippo and His Critics
St. Augustine's Theology of Prayer; Gracious Conformation
For Specialists Only
Augustinism: Locating the Center
Augustine's Trinitology and the theory of Groups
Augustine on Language and the Nature of Belief
The Cynic Monks of Carthage: Some Observations on 'De opere monachorum'
Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa: Is the Triune God Infinite in Being?
Time and Ascent in 'Confessions' XI
Serpent, Eve and Adam
The Link between Fait and Time in St. Augustine
The Theological Dimension of Time in 'Confessiones' XI
Agonism in Two Gallic Controversies
The paradoxes of self-knowledge in the De trinitate
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