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'Et in principio Verbum'

Un estudio de las relaciones entre retórica y lenguaje religioso a través del uso y función de los 'signa, argumenta y exempla' en 'Sancti Augustini in Joannis Evangelium Tractatus'

The unavoidable and necessary link between rhetoric and religious language is based on the fact that the latter needs the former as a suitable vehicle to teach its goals, and they both have the same aim: persuasion. The theological intuition expressed in John 1, 1 ("in principio erat Verbum") can be used by philology to emphasize the primacy of language in the expressive ways of religions. This paper attempts to show the way rhetorical resources are in service of the peculianrities of the religious speech in Augustine's "Tractatus in Iohannis Evangelium".

Author: José Manuel García González
Publisher: S.n., s.l., 1998
Format: Article
Topic: - Works > Augustin writer > Rhetoric. Dialectic > Rhetoric (persona)
- Works > In Ioannis Evangelium et Epistulam > Tractatus in Johannis Evangelium
Status: Active