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En-Spirited Waters

Baptism in the 'Confessions' of Augstine

A. En-Spirited Waters: The African Tradition; 1. Tertullian and the Waters of Baptism, 2. The Donatist Debate: Optatus and Parmenian, B. Baptism in the "Confessions". 1. "Imaged" and "Molded" in the Waters of Baptism. 2. Baptism and the Six Days of Creation. C. Conclusion. - Pour un compte-rendu de l'ensemble de l'ouvrage, voir 'supra' "Chronica Tertullianea et Cyprianea".

Author: Pamela Bright
Format: Essay
Topic: - Biography > Background > Northern Africa > Church, Liturgy, African Monachism > African Donatism
- Biography > Relations and Sources > Donatism. Tyconius > Donatism
- Biography > Relations and Sources > Latin Christian writers > Tertullian
- Works > Confessiones
- Doctrine > From man to God > Jesus Christ. Redemption. Sacraments. Church. Grace. Mariology. > Sacraments > Baptism
Parent Work: The Early Church in Its Context
Status: Active