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Friendship with God, Friendship in God

Traces in St. Augustine

Author: Joseph T. Lienhard
Publisher: Peter Lang, New York, 1994
Augustinian Historical Institute, Villanova, 1994
L.'s original research into "amicus" and "amicitiz" breaks much new ground in Augustinian scholarship. L. concludes remarkably that A. is closer to Plato than to Cicero in his idea of friendship. Though A.'s use of "friend" with God is infrequent and constitutes a "minor theme". L. concludes that A.'s use of friendship in and with God is a precursor of mystical writers in the Middle Ages.
Format: Chapter
Topic: - Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Charité. Amitié] > Friendship
Parent Work: Augustine, Mystic and Mystagogue
Status: Needs Review