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God's Decree and Man's Destiny

Studies on the Thought of Augustine and Hippo

1. The Spirituality... 2. Christ, God and Man... 3. Augustine's Doctrine of Man... 4. Vera lux illa... 5. St. Augustine's Doctrine of the... 6. The Church and... 7. Quid imperaton... 8. Les origines... 9. Libido... 10. Rufinies of Syria... 11. Augustine and Modern Research... 12. Some Remarks...

Author: Gerald Bonner
Series: Collected Studies Series
12 �tudes
Total Pages:
XVI, 294
Format: Book
Child Work(s): Les origines africaines de la doctrine augustinienne sur la chute et le péché originel
Quid imperatorii Cum Ecclesia?
Rufinus of Syria and African Pelagianism
Some remarks on Letters 4* and 6*
St. Augustine's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
The Church and the Eucharist in the Theology of St. Augustine
The Spirituality of St. Augustine and its influence on Western mysticism
Vera lux illa est quae illuminat: the Christian Humanism of Augustine
Status: Needs Review