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Love and Saint Augustine

Edited and with an Interpretative Essay by Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott and Judith Chelius Stark

This publication of an English version of the dissertation of Hannah Arendt involved a meticulous process of intepreting her partial revisions and marginal notes over the next 30 years. The result is an entry into Arendt's searching questions about the meaning of love, or concretely, how love of neighbor matters for love of God. Her focus is on "the directions in which Augustine's own exegesis and orientation move" (p.7).

Author: Hannah Arendt
Editor: Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott, Judith Chelius Stark
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Format: Book
Topic: - Works > Studies on Vocabulary/Themes > Topics - Latin vocabulary > A > Amor appetitus
- Works > Studies on Vocabulary/Themes > Topics - Latin vocabulary > O > Ordinata dilectio
- Doctrine > The World > [Création (materia spiritualis)] > [Création (monde/matière/créature.)]
- Doctrine > Social Life > [Sociologie. Cité terrestre. Politique] > [Études d'ensemble] > [Vie sociale]
- Doctrine > Man > [Vie affective. Passions] > Love
- Doctrine > From man to God > Evil. Sin > [Vices divers] > [cupidité]
- Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Charité. Amitié] > [Charité/amour du prochain]
Status: Active