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Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History

The author describes thirteen ways of interpreting history, from Jacob Burckhardt, backward through Marx, Proudhon, Comte, Concordet, and Turgot, Voltaire, Vico, Bossuetn, Joachim of Flora, Augustine, Orosius, to the Biblical view of history. Two appendices deal with modern transfigurations of Joachim and with Nietzsche's revival of the doctrine of eternal recurrence.

Author: Karl Loewith
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1949
Cambridge University Press, London, 1949
Total Pages:
Format: Book
Topic: - Biography > Relations and Sources > Latin Christian writers > Orosius
- Works > De civitate Dei
- Doctrine > Time. History > Time > [Temporalité] > [Temps cyclique]
- Doctrine > Time. History > History > Theology of history
- Influence and Survival > [Époque Contemporaine (1789-1960)] > [Auteurs et courants] > [Burckhardt (Jacob) (1818-1897)]
Status: Needs Review