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L'idolatria in S. Agostino

Une prospettiva antropologica. Tesi di Dottorato in Teologia e Scienze Patristiche: Istitutio Patristico

A doctoral thesis presented at the Augustinianum (Rome) on idolatry in Augustine's anthropology. The author locates Augustine's stance in relation to previous studies and, then, within the classical and patristic cultural contexts. B. studies especially the "De uera religione", the "Cofessiones", and the "De ciuitate Dei" as he develops the interconnection between Augustine's anthropology and his view on idolatry. Thus, for Augustine, idolatry is a choice that makes the human person (imago Dei) less and goes contrary to the other willed by God.

Author: Giuseppe Bolis
Publisher: Istituto Patristico 'Augustinianum', Roma, 2001
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Format: Dissertation
Topic: - Biography > Relations and Sources > Paganism
Status: Active