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Transmogrifications of life-writing (review article)

The Western tradition of autobiographical writing can be traced through the works of St. Augustine, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Samuel Beckett. St. Augustine's 'Confessions' represents the seminal work in the autobiographical tradition. Jean-Jacques Rousseau both continues and subverts the tradition in his 'Confessions', followed by 'Rousseau juge de Jean-Jacques - Dialogues', and 'Les réveries du promeneur solitaire'. Rousseau attemps the impossible, to provide an unmediated representation of the self. Beckett focuses on the futility of the autobiographical project as his subject, while yet making a body of work his life project.

Author: James Olney
Publisher: S.n., s.l., 1997
The Southern review
Format: Article
Topic: - Works > Augustine writer > Rhetoric. Dialectic > Autobiography
- Works > Confessiones
- Influence and Survival > Early Modern Period (1453-1789) > [Rousseau (Jean-Jacques)]
- Influence and Survival > [Époque Contemporaine (1789-1960)] > Authors > Beckett, Samuel (1906-1989)
Status: Active