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Augustine's Proof for God's Existence from the Experience of Beauty: Confessions X, 6

To Augustine his proof from beauty begins with an undeniable datum of experience and proceeds causally to its only possible logical source. It is thus a true a posteriori argument or a rational proof for the existence of God.

Author: J. Roland E. Ramirez
Publisher: S.n., s.l., 1988
Augustinian Studies
Format: Article
Topic: - Works > Confessiones > Conf. X > Conf. X, 6
- Doctrine > The World > [Esthétique. Musique] > [Esthétique / Beauté] > Beauty > [Beau] > [Preuve de Dieu]
- Doctrine > Man > [Doctrine de la connaissance] > [Connaissance humaine de Dieu] > (Proofs for) the existence of God > [Existance de Dieu et le mal]
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