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The Medieval Concept of Time

Studies on the Scolastic Debate and its Reception in Early Modern Philosophy

This volume examines the changing perceptions of time in the transition from the medieval debate to early modern philosophy. Some of the foremost contemporary experts try to weave the various strands of the topic into a methodological and doctrinal whole. 21 contributions (19 in English, 2 in French) are presented in five main sections: The Late Antique Legacy, The Scholastic Debate, Late Scholasticism, Time and Medicine, Early Modern Philosophy. This collection of studies aims at offering a comprehensive historico- doctrinal analysis of one of the most fascinating topics in western intellectual history.

Editor: Pasquale Porro
Publisher: E.J. Brill, Leiden, 2001
Series: Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters
Cf. Maria Bettetini, Measering in accordance with 'dimensiones certae': Augustine of Hippo and the question of time, 33-53.
Total Pages:
X,, 587
Format: Book
Topic: - Influence and Survival > The Middle Ages (430-1453) > General studies of the survival of Augustine in the Greek world and in western thought and schools > [Survie dans le Moyen Âge occidental (généralités)]
Child Work(s): Measuring in accordance with 'dimensiones certae': Augustine of Hippo and the question of time
Status: Needs Review