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La parabola della zizzania e il problema ereticale tra XII e XIII secolo

Summary: " The appearance of heterodox phenomenon in XI century places the hierarchy before the urgency of establishing a line of conduct. Between XI and XIII century the situation is complicated by the struggle for Church reform and by the numerous meanings that are included in the accusation of heresy (the Nicolaites and the Simonians are also heretics). This phase is distinguished by the fluidity of positions, among which those of Vason stands out. Based on the reflection on the parable of the tares, he difends the line of tolerance. Nevertheless, the room for tolerance and the use of the parable as theoretical support are quickly brought to an end by £Innocent III at the beginning of XIII century. The use the Pope made of the biblical text was perfectly functional to the anti-heretical fight as he intended and carried out: repression and recovery were an expression of the same act.The parable therefore was meant to admonish the 'all too zealous' pastors who risk uprootingthe wheat as well as the tares, but it also undoubtedly warned them to eradicate what would unequivocally prove to be tares. By this time, almost indipendantly from the evangelical contaxt, the image of tares continued to be used by Innocent's successors in a line more and more markes by persecution. Only Thoma Aquinas reconsidered the problem from a more properly exegeticalpoint of view. Following Augustine's guidelines, he managed to give the text an iterpretation coherent with the repressive procedure that had recently become the rule throughout Christendom.

Author: Maria Teresa Dolso
Publisher: S.n., s.l., 2005
Cristianesimo nella storia
Format: Article
Topic: - Doctrine > From man to God > Divine revelation > Exegesis > [Exégèse des textes du Nouveau Testament] > [Matthieu] > Mt 13 > Matt 13,24-30
- Doctrine > From man to God > Divine revelation > Exegesis > [Exégèse des textes du Nouveau Testament] > [Matthieu] > Mt 13 > [Matt 13,36-43]
- Influence and Survival > The Middle Ages (430-1453)
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