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Hermeneutics, scriptural politics, and human rights

between text and context

Content: Part I : Hermeneutics, communities of readers, and context 1. Religious identity, differences, and human rights: the crucial role of hermeneutics/ M. A. Salih and Bas de Gaay Fortman 2. Islamic texts, democracy, and the rule of law: toward a hermeneutics of conciliation / Salman Haq 3. Interpretation in Canon law: faith or reason ? / Phillip J. Brown 4. Judicial textualism: an analysis of textualism as applied to the United States Constitution / Herman Philipse 5. Arbitrary remadings ? Christianity and Islam as capricious hermeneutic communities / Karel Steenbrink 6. Changing hermeneutics in remading and understanding the Bible: the case of the gospel of Mark / Geert van Oyen Part II Hermeneutics, religious freedom, and exclusion 7. The Qur̕an and religious freedom: the issue of apostasy / Alir Mirmoosavi 8. Dignitatis Humanae: a hermeneutic perspective on religious freedom as interpreted by the Roman Catholic Church / Kurt Martens 9. Strangers and residents: the hermeneutic challenge of non-Jewish minorities in Israel / Deborah Weissman 10. Religious texts as models for exclusion: scriptural interpretation and ethnic Politics in Northern Nigeria / Niels Kastfelt 11. In the name of Allah: Jihad from a Shi̕̕a hermeneutic perspective / Seyed Sadegh Haghighat 12. Views on women in early Christianity: incarnational hermeneutics in Tertullian and Augustine / Willemien Otten 13. Women's rights and the interpretation of Islamic texts: the practice of female genital mutilation / Isatou Touray

Editor: Bas de Gaay Fortman, Kurt Martens, M.A. Mohammed Salih
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2010
Bibliogr. p. [255]-269. Index
Total Pages:
XII-277 p., ill.
978-0-230-62223-4 (hbk.); 0-230-62223-2 (hbk.)
Format: Book
Topic: - Influence and Survival > [Le Présent (1960-...)] > General
Child Work(s): Views on women in early christianity
Status: Active