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A companion to Late Antiquity

Table of content: PART I The View from the Future 2 The Byzantine Late Antiquity - Stratis Papaioannou 3 Late Antiquity in the Medieval West - Conrad Leyser 4 Cities of the Mind: Renaissance Views of Early Christian Culture and the End of Antiquity - Mark Vessey 5 Narrating Decline and Fall - Clifford Ando 6 Late Antiquity in Modern Eyes - Stefan Rebenich PART II Land and People 7 The Shapes and Shaping of the Late Antique World: Global and Local Perspectives - Mark Humphries 8 Mobility and the Traces of Empire - Blake Leyerle 9 Information and Political Power - Claire Sotinel 10 Mediterranean Cities - S. T. Loseby 11 The Archaeological Record: Problems of Interpretation - Olof Brandt 12 Inscribing Identity: The Latin Epigraphic Habit in Late Antiquity - Dennis E. Trout 13 Gender and the Fall of Rome - Kate Cooper 14 Marriage and Family Relationships in the Late Roman West - Judith Evans-Grubbs 15 The Church, the Living, and the Dead - Eric Rebillard PART III Image and Word 16 The Value of a Good Education: Libanius and Public Authority - Raffaella Cribiore 17 Textual Communities in Late Antique Christianity - Kim Haines-Eitzen 18 Exegesis without End: Forms, Methods, and Functions of Biblical Commentaries - Karla Pollmann 19 Tradition, Innovation, and Epistolary Mores - Jennifer Ebbeler 20 Visual and Verbal Representation: Image, Text, Person, and Power - James A. Francis 21 Christianity and the Transformation of Classical Art - Felicity Harley 22 The Discourse of Later Latin - Philip Burton 23 Language and Culture in Late Antique Egypt - Malcolm Choat 24 Late Antique Historiography: A Brief History of Time - David Woods PART IV Empire, Kingdom, and Beyond 25 Law in Practice - Caroline Humfress 26 The Mirror of Jordanes: Concepts of the Barbarian, Then and Now - Andrew Gillett 27 Beyond the Northern Frontiers - Guy Halsall 28 From Empire to Kingdoms in the Late Antique West - John Vanderspoel 29 Rome and the Sasanid Empire: Confrontation and Coexistence - Jan Willem Drijvers 30 Syria, Syriac, Syrian: Negotiating East and West - Christine Shepardson 31 Syria and the Arabs - David Cook 32 The Early Caliphate and the Inheritance of Late Antiquity (c. AD 610-c. AD 750) - Andrew Marsham PART V The Sacred 33 Christianization, Secularization, and the Transformation of Public Life - Richard Lim 34 The Political Church: Religion and the State - Michael Gaddis 35 The Late Antique Bishop: Image and Reality - Rita Lizzi Testa 36 The Conduct of Theology and the "Fathers" of the Church - Thomas Graumann 37 Defining Sacred Boundaries: Jewish–Christian Relations - Naomi Koltun-Fromm 38 Pagans in a Christian Empire - Neil McLynn 39 "Not of This World": The Invention of Monasticism - Daniel F. Caner Bibliography Index

Editor: Philip Rousseau
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, London, 2012
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