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Studia Patristica. LXX. Papers presented at the Sixteenth International Conference on Patristic studies held in Oxford 2011. Vol. 18 : Augustine and his opponents

Editor: Markus Vinzent
Publisher: Peeters, Leuven-Paris-Walpole (MA), 2013
Series: Studia Patristica
Total Pages:
XVII-683 p.
Format: Book
Child Work(s): The concept of heart in Augustine of Hippo
The 'Milan narrative' in Augustine's Confessions
Sin as contagious in the writings of Cyprian and Augustine
Ambrose's De paradiso
How important were Porphyry's anti-Christian ideas to Augustine?
Augustine's De magistro
La mystagogie chez s. Augustin
Locutio and sensus in Augustine's writings on the Heptateuch
St Augustine on the Soul's divine experience
The exegetical function of Old Testament names in Augustine's Commentary on the Psalms
À la frontière de plusiers controverse doctrinales : l'Enarratio au Psaume d'Augustin
Augustine and Philo of Alexandria's 'Sarah' as a wisdom figure (De civitate Dei XV 2f.; XVI 25-32)
St Augustine on God's incomprehensibility, incarnation and the authority of St John
The metaphor of 'the letter from God' as applied to Holy Scripture by saint Augustine
Apophasis and interiority in Augustine's early writings
Augustine's project of self-knowing and the paradoxes of art
Was Augustine an intentionalist?
Discerning the heart : intention as ethical norm in Augustine's Homilies on 1 John
Illumination and the practice of inquiry in Augustine
Unwrapping the Word
'Videbit me nocte proxima, sed in somnis'
The deep grammar of Augustine's conversion
Grammar and metaphysics : about the forms essendi, essendo, essendum, and essens in Augustine's Ars grammatica breviata (IV, 31 Weber)
Enjoying the Trinity in De vera religione
Knowledge seeking wisdom
The integrity of Christ's scientia and sapientia in the argument of the De trinitate of Augustine
An apology for Augustine's Filioque as a hermeneutical referent to the immanent Trinity
The grace of creation and perfection as key to Augustine's Confessions
Image as hermeneutic model in Confessions X
The consultation of sacred books and the mediator
Listening to the bishop
Augustine's three-day lecture in Carthage
1 Tim. 1:15 : Humanus sermo or Fidelis sermo? Augustine's Sermo 174 and its Christology
'Ut in illo viveremus' : Augustine on the two wills of Christ
Dyothelite language in Augustine's Christology
Donatism and the contextualism of Christianity
Before Augustine's encounter with Emeritus
The Church as mystery in the theology of St Augustine
Augustinian ecclesiology and predestination
Felicianus, Maximiniansim, and Augustine's anti-Donatist polemic
Augustine on the saints and the community of the living and the dead
Perseverance until the end in Augustine's anti-Donatist polemic
The letters Ad Donatistas of Augustine and their relevance in the anti-Donatist controversy
Imitation and the mediation of Christ in Augustine's City of God
Leaves, mice and barbarians : the providential meaning of incidents in the De ordine and De civitate Dei
A critical assessment of Wolfenbüttel Herz.-Aug.-Bibl. Cod. Guelf. 237 (Helmst. 204) and its value for the edition of St Augustine's Sermones as populum
Augustine to Nebridius on the ideas of individuals (ep. 14,4)
Deux lettres sur l'origine de l'âme : les Epistulae 166 et 190 de saint Augustin
Women in Augustine's anti-Manichaean writings
Occasionalism and Augustine's builder analogy for creation
Augustine's defense and redemption of the body
À propos d'une source inédite des Soliloquies d'Augustin
Curisoity in Augustine's Soliloquies
Augustine's contradictory just war
Transfiguravit in se : the sacramentality of Augustine's doctrine of the Totus Christus
The eucharistic realism of st Augustine : did Paschasius Radbertus get him right?
Le sens pétrinien du mot παροικός comme source de l'idée augustinienne de peregrinus
Anger and community in the Rule of Augustine
Curiositas ductrix : die negative und positive Beziehung des hl. Augustinus zur Neugierde
Unity of Memory in De musica VI
The manuscript tradition of Pelagius' Ad Demetriadem : the evidence of some manuscript witnesses
Pelagius and the Origenist controversy in Palestine
Rome as the basis of argument in the so-called Pelagian controversy (415-418)
The influence of Chromatius and Rufinus of Aquileia on Pelagius - as seen in his key ascetic concepts : exemplum Christi, sapientia, imperturbabilitas
From Augustine to the Scythian monks : social memory and the doctrine of predestination
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