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T&T Clark Companion to Augustine and Modern Theology

Part I : Doctrine (Triune God; Human Being; Christ; Church; Scripture; Last Things) Part : Theologians (Aquinas; Bonaventure; Luther; Calvin; Henri de Lubac; John Zizioulas)

Editor: Tarmo Toom, C.C. Pecknold
Publisher: Bloomsbury, London, 2013
Series: T&T Clark Companion
Total Pages:
xvi-287 p.
978 0 5670 3381 9
Format: Book
Topic: - Influence and Survival > Generalities > Theology
Child Work(s): Augustine on the Triune God
Augustine on Human Being
Augustine on Christ
Augustine on the Church
Augustine on Scripture
Augustine on the Last Things
Augustine and Aquinas
Augustine and Bonaventure
Augustine and Luther
Augustine and Calvin
Augustine and Henri de Lubac
Augustine and John Zizioulas
Status: Active