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The Ransom of the Soul

Afterlife and Wealth in Early Western Christianity

Author: Peter Brown
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge (Mass.), 2015
Total Pages:
xix-262 p.
978 0 674 96758 8
Format: Book
Topic: - Doctrine > Man > [La mort. Consolatio mortis]
- Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Jeûne. Aumône] > [Aumône - dons - dîme]
- Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Pauvreté] > Wealth
- Doctrine > Eschatology, State of Man After Death
Child Work(s): Visions, Burial, and Memory in the Africa of Saint Augustine
Almsgiving, Expiation, and the Other World
Status: Active